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05-15-2019 10:31:44 AM EST


 Homeowners that have well water, a water storage tank is a key piece of equipment in your basement,closet etc. Most of these tanks have air and water inside, which never mix. The air and water are usually separated by a "bladder" or piece of rubber.  When the bladder develops a hole, the water starts to make its way to the top of the tank and replaces the air. In turn, this causes the well tank to become water logged and the water pressure in that persons home will significantly decrease and seem like its pulsating when the water is being used. Further, on most occasions the pressure switch could be heard clicking on and off rapidly, which is also a sign of a water logged tank (or a plugged pressure switch pipe). Usually this means the tank has to be replaced. We also recommend always having a sediment filter installed right after the tank, to save the plumbing fixtures and equipment in the home from clogging. Hope this helps!

 Molino Plumbing & Heating LLC


02-26-2015 2:50:23 PM EST

 GHOST TOILET!    Image result for ghost

 Have you heard your toilet sound like it was being flushed when no one was in the bathroom? Or when your sleeping at night it sounds like the toilet is filling on and off? Well, you have ghosts!! No just kidding.. There are a few things you can do to remedy and diagnose the situation, first and foremost call Molino Plumbing & Heating LLC and we would be happy to help. Secondly, you can put ordinary food coloring in the toilet tank water (just a few drops) and let it sit. If coloring finds its way into the bowl, (without flushing the toilet) you have a ghost :) ,no your flapper is not sealing properly on the flush valve. Also, your fill valve could be clogged with sediment and having a hard time filling the toilet tank.

 If you see your toilet seat lift by itself, well, you do have ghosts and Molino Plumbing & Heating cannot help!  

 Have your own Ghost toilet story, write about here!

Hope this helps!/Molino Plumbing & Heating LLC



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